Floresta Cottage  ■  Independent Assisted Living Senior Home in Mission Viejo, CA


26982 Floresta Ln
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Open 24 Hours


Safety and Security

Putting our residents’ safety as our top priority

Floresta Cottage cares about creating an environment where your loved one feels secure and safe from difficulties or risks to their wellness.

To this end, we implement several safety and security measures that cover various points of concern for safe living. These range from the simple to the complex and include:

    • Cameras
    • Well-lit hallways and pathways
    • Emergency supplies
    • Emergency lighting
    • Emergency number lists
    • First aid kits
    • Grab bars and handles
    • And more

A happy home is a safe home. Let your loved one join us today! To arrange a tour or learn more, please reach us at (917) 386-5767.

Set Up A Tour

Your loved one deserves a life of comfort and enjoyment. Visit us or talk to us at (917) 386-5767.  You may also set an appointment.